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OMG PHARMA Clinical Trials

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To start in 2025 and be conducted at Western Sydney University and the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand.
Oz Medicann Group will commence one of the world’s largest clinical trials of cannabidiol (CBD) for sleep disturbances. 
The sleep-promoting effects of cannabis have long been known, and cannabidiol (CBD), a key component has sedative and calming properties.
The OMG Sleep study will test the effectiveness of improving insomnia with a novel form of CBD that dissolves in the mouth and is rapidly absorbed. Over 300 male and female participants, aged 18 years of age and older with a diagnosis of insomnia will be eligible to join this novel study.
To start in late 2024 and be conducted at Western Sydney University with consultant rheumatologists.
Oz Medicann Group will also commence an observational clinical trial of topical cannabidiol (CBD) [OMG Salve] for rheumatoid arthritis and similar joint pain. 
The pain relieving benefits of cannabis are well known. The trial will assess the benefits of a high quality CBD topical salve applied to painful joints in rheumatoid arthritis.  Every participant in this study will receive the CBD salve and asked to report back on their condition.  This first phase will be with 30 eligible participants aged 18 years of age and older with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.